Nancy Rock

Wrightsville United Methodist Church

Over 10,000 cookies (by 100 bakers) will be on tables at Wrightsville United Methodist Church (WUMC)-all kinds of cookies-and all for sale.  It's the 3rd Annual Cookie Walk, Saturday, 12/9, 9:00am-Noon. 

Cookies. Thousands of cookies.

About 80 people from Wrightsville United Methodist Church (WUMC) are preparing for the 2nd Annual Cookie Walk, happening this Saturday, December 10, 9:00am-1:00pm. Nancy Rock & Lisa Brewster from the Baking Committee joined us to talk about the event. How it works: thousands of homemade cookies are displayed throughout WUMC. When you walk in, you are given a plastic glove and a box (or boxes). You gather up the goods...and you pay for your haul by weight ($8/lb). Listen to Nancy and Lisa talk about the event above.