Life Itself


Artists Topher Alexander and Kristin Pors approach art from different directions using different materials, but their work comes together at the MC Erny Gallery in the exhibit Life Itself. Friday, May 25th is the closing reception, one of the stops to make on the 4th Friday Gallery Walk.

Opening Reception: April 27, 2018
Closing Reception: May 25, 2018
Show Closing: June 8, 2018

About the Show
Life Itself is a prevalent theme throughout both artists' work. Topher's printmaking work depicts scenes and figures from everyday life. Within his pieces, technological effects on people and the world around them are also represented. Kristen's mixed-media drawings and paintings utilize human and botanical subjects. In her more current work, she aims to create harmony between the flora and their illustrated likenesses, via synthesis and movement. In both development and style, Kristen and Topher approach their processes with an interactive, gestural fervor, to produce highly dynamic and expressive compositions.