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Friday Feedback for July 24, 2015

Jul 24, 2015

Listener Beth wrote:

Thank you for doing the no interruption fund raising. It made me want to donate again.

Listener RA agreed, but added,

Just don’t spend days telling us how you are not going to interrupt programming!

That’s our hope, RA, but it depends on how the pledges come in – when we hit the goal, we’ll stop. Thanks for writing.

Listener Helen wrote:

A hearing for a marine charged with desecrating human casualties in Afghanistan was held yesterday at Camp Lejeune. Sgt. Richard Roberts is accused of filming footage of four marines urinating on deceased Taliban fighters in 2011. WHQR’s Sara Wood reports while the video shocked viewers when it appeared on YouTube in 2012, Roberts’ attorney says the marine’s act was a coping mechanism.

NC Coastal Land Trust

A conservation group has partnered with the Marine Corps to preserve nearly 700 acres of land in Carteret County.  The land is located beneath airspace near Cherry Point that's used for training runs for pilots.  Camilla Herlevich is Executive Director of the North Carolina Coastal Land Trust.

The Office of the Inspector General at Camp LeJeune released a list of businesses considered to be off limits to marines stationed at Camp LeJeune and Cherry Point. The list includes a range of establishments deemed to have negative impacts on marines.

President Obama marked the end of the Iraq war at Fort Bragg last week after nine years, more than 4,500 service members lost and more than 30,000 wounded.

Ensminger family photo

The Cucalorus Film Festival is bringing several documentary films to Wilmington, including Semper Fi: Always Faithful, about the water contamination at Camp Lejeune.