St. Vincent's 'Pills' Is A Shattered Mirror Ball

Oct 10, 2017

Advisory: The above video/song contains language that some may find offensive.

St. Vincent's "Pills" is the kind of psychedelic Franken-pop monster that could only be concocted by Annie Clark in a lab with a mess of mad scientists — which is exactly what happened.

Co-written with Jack Antonoff, the track features production by Top Dawg's Sounwave, saxophone by Kamasi Washington and backing vocals by Cara Delevingne and Jenny Lewis. It's a shattered-mirror ball of sound where M.I.A.-style beats clash with Clark's jagged guitar riffs and an earwormy, oompa-loompa vocal hook before cresting into a half-time climax/denouement that seems intended to mirror the bottoming out that inevitably follows all that chemical ingestion.

MASSEDUCTION comes out Oct. 13 via Loma Vista Recordings. St. Vincent is on tour.

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