So long, and thanks for all the fish

Aug 15, 2017

Credit Haskell Rhett

Today, August 15th, is my last official day employed by WHQR, though my last working day at the office was in late July (I'm on vacation right now). There are many things I will miss about WHQR, especially the people, but I am looking forward to retirement.

I had a wonderful send-off from listeners at the Spring Luncheon, and last month two great surprise parties put together by the staff and Board, so I won't belabor things now. But I do want to say for the record how appreciative I am to our generous (and good-looking) community of listeners, the wonderful WHQR staff, and supportive Board. Together, we've achieved great things for a great station.

I also want to wish the new manager, Michelle Rhinesmith, all the best as she starts making WHQR even better. I'm truly grateful for the opportunity to have served here.

See you around the campus!