NC Board of Elections Holds Emergency Meeting; Extends Voting Hours of 1 Robeson County precinct

Nov 4, 2014

The North Carolina State Board of Elections held an emergency meeting at 7 PM tonight, Election Night, to address problems at several precincts around the state.

In Robeson County, the Maxton precinct ran out of ballots during polling hours and, as a result, had to close for approximately 45 minutes, according to state elections officials.   Officials were not able to establish exactly how many people had been turned away, but the accepted estimate is between sixty and seventy voters. 

The state board voted unanimously to extend the voting hours of Robeson County's Maxton precinct for 45 minutes -- until 8:15 PM. 

There are approximately 2600 registered voters in Maxton.  Robeson County officials reportedly delivered about 500 ballots to that precinct.

The Board also discussed problems in Johnston and Lincoln Counties but decided against extending voting hours in the affected precincts.