Leland Voters Cite Civic Duty Over Issues As Reason For Voting

Nov 7, 2017

It would be an easy leap to say that voters in Brunswick County served by the water utility H2GO are turning out at a higher rate.  But an unscientific, anecdotal sweep through the polls doesn’t necessarily bear that out.  While the direction of a $30-plus million reverse osmosis plant could change based on this election outcome – most people that I encountered in Leland today offered more basic reasons for voting.  

Charles says he comes out for every election. 

“Well, everyone should fulfill their part of the deal in America.  You go cast your vote.  Study the candidates, go vote, be happy with a good election.”

Diane is aware of her privilege:

“I can vote.  There’s other places in the world that cannot vote, so I think we’re silly if we don’t take advantage of that.”

And while David says he votes in every election, he doesn’t live within Leland Town limits and he can only vote for the H2GO Board of Commissioners.

“I don’t mind to tell you that I voted for the three commissioners who are in favor of the reverse osmosis.”

And all of these voters have advice for those who haven’t yet voted:

“It could be a close race.  Everybody needs to get out and vote.”

“I would hope they say, ‘Gee, I’m glad I voted also.’”

“Come and vote.  It’s your duty.”

Polls are open until 7:30 PM Tuesday.