Leland Incumbents Win Re-Election

Nov 7, 2017

Leland Town Council will continue with its current leadership.  As WHQR’s Rachel Lewis Hilburn reports, all the incumbents won reelection.

Pat Batleman was the top vote-getter for Leland Town Council.  Fellow incumbent Bob Corriston came in about four percentage points behind her.  The next vote-getter, Sandra Ford, was a distant third – about ten points behind Corriston. 

Earlier this year, the Town of Leland passed a resolution opposing H2GO’s efforts to build a reverse osmosis plant.  Pat Batleman says the town is very concerned about the management of H2GO. 

"They rushed into this RO theory -- and not to say that that RO is not a good idea. Everybody wants clean water. We all do. But if you work together as a region to come up with the right solution so that everybody gets clean water, not just 10,000 customers. That's the way to go."

Mayor Brenda Bozeman also won re-election.  She begins her fourth term leading the 28-year old town.