Full power restored to all signals

Jan 2, 2017

On the air!

Shortly after 5 pm Monday evening January 2, WHQR's George Scheibner and John McHarry, working with engineer Jobie Sprinkle and a tower crew, restored full power to both HQR News (91.3 in Wilmington, 98.9 in Myrtle Beach) and Classical HQR (92.7 in Wilmington, 102.3 in Myrtle Beach).

The signals had been impaired or not working off and on (mostly off) for the last week or so. Naturally, the signal chose the week between Christmas and New Year's to misbehave. Restoration should bring all services up to full power. Many thanks to George, John, and Jobie, and thanks to you, our listeners, for your patience.