Friday Feedback for November 7, 2014

Nov 7, 2014

Tom Magliozzi of Car Talk
Credit Richard Howard
God is going to enjoy this man!! -- Robert Welch

The elections and the electioneering are over; the TV ads are gone, and with a little luck those pesky highway signs will soon be gone. WHQR’s news team spent hour after hour on special programming for our CoastLine talk show, including candidate forums for many events. Before we bid farewell and/or good riddance to all that, here’s a comment from listener LeeAnn:

Please pass along my thanks to those responsible for the rebroadcast of the New Hanover School Board Candidates' Forum. It was incredibly helpful ... just the type of local coverage that we value from HQR News.

And here’s a comment from the show itself, which featured Rachel Lewis Hilburn moderating a discussion between Dr. Jim Leutze and Dr. Craig Galbraith:

: Hi, John. What’s your question?
JOHN: Rachel, it’s a great show. I listen quite often, usually from morning until late afternoon. And it’s nice to hear that there is a conservative voice in this piece that you’re having, because 90 percent of the time I hear very much a liberal view from WHQR, but Dr. Galbraith brings a different slant to this.
RACHEL: John, I’m happy to hear you say that you’re happy to hear a conservative voice. I would of course take issue with you on the fact that we have a liberal slant. We work very hard against that. We actually have internal people and external people who span the political spectrum. This is not a liberal radio station. But I so appreciate your comments. If you ever do hear a liberal slant, I would encourage you to write to me at Tell me exactly what you heard.

Other than the election, a big piece story this week for public radio listeners was the news of the passing of Tom Magliozzi, one-half of the dynamic Click and Clack (the Tappett Brothers) on Car Talk. Robert Welch wrote:

One of my dearest friends has died. I never met Tom - didn't have to. He was my neighbor who shared his beer, the guy at work with all the hilarious stories, my crazy cousin who made us all laugh at the Thanksgiving table and the voice of common sense and sound reasoning. God is going to enjoy this man!!

This weekend’s Car Talk will be a special remembrance of Tom by his little brother Ray, including some of his more memorable moments on the show. That’s tomorrow at 10 am, and Sunday at 1 pm. Next week, listen for the show, which will now be called Best of Car Talk.

Rest in peace, Tom Magliozzi.

Gary Francisco wrote:

I've never really listened to The Diane Rehm Show before but I just happened to be in the car for about an hour running errands and after the Election Day coverage, Peter and Paul (of Peter, Paul, & Mary) were on the show to talk about their 50th anniversary album and documentary. The stories and the music were so positive and wonderful and it just took me back to my childhood with "If I Had a Hammer" and "Puff the Magic Dragon". I'm going to be singing all the rest of the day!!

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