Friday Feedback for December 21, 2012

Dec 21, 2012

WHQR is an essential part of the heart and soul of our community. -- Richard Cecelski, Carolina Beach

Donna and Greg wrote:

Merry Christmas to all. We always enjoy the holiday programming at WHQR. Bob Workmon has a wonderful voice.

A number of listeners posted comments on our webpage story about the Top Stories of 2012. Several felt that we hadn’t given prominence to the right stories, with more than one mentioning Titan Cement. In fact the web story has become a forum on Titan itself. We clarified that the criterion we used was the number of unique visitors to the various stories on our website, and not our own judgment on which stories were most important. We welcome comments from anyone on your reactions. One in particular calls for a response. Listener Monarch wrote concerning the pro-Titan point of view:

Unraveling their weak economic argument should be the goal of this community radio station for 2013.

For the record, it is not our job to take a stance either for or against Titan, or indeed take a side on any matter of public policy. Our job is to ask questions, indeed often tough questions, of all sides and report the facts fairly.

Richard Cecelski of Carolina Beach, a member since 1992, was the winner of an iPad in last week's 1-day drive giveaway. He wrote:

Thank you … so very much for the iPad and for everything that you do. WHQR is an essential part of the heart and soul of our community. Thank you for the color, wisdom, and jolly you bring to this and all seasons!…I’d also like to thank Whole Foods [Market] for their exceptional support of the needy and of WHQR.

Sarah Benjamin of Southport wrote to Phil Furia, creator of The Great American Songbook on WHQR:

Saturday afternoon’s program in the Rainbow Room was a great pleasure for me and my husband [Stan]! What a delight to shut out the world full of tragic news from Newtown [Connecticut] (our home town), if even for just a few moments to hear your melodies. It was “never a dull moment” to hear the singers, the instrumentalists, and especially your background narrations combine to make a couple of hours fly past! We are habitual listeners to your WHQR segments and were truly delighted by the live performance. Thank you so much for a happy memory!

Listener Alice wrote:

I was unable to attend "The Great American Songbook" holiday edition and was wondering if there is anything planned for having another one? A spring edition would be fun to attend and the "Rainbow Room" is an attractive place to have such an event.

For Alice and others, WHQR has sponsored or co-sponsored three Great American Songbook shows in the last 15 months. We and the creators of the show don’t wish to wear out the concept by presenting it too often. We were very pleased with Saturday’s live show and the reaction to it – and we agree with you about the Rainbow Room. We’ll be talking with the participants about the best time for us to do it again.

In the midst of this holiday season and looking to the new year, I’m grateful to you for your comments about WHQR over the year. We love the compliments, of course, but I also appreciate the criticisms. Both are signs that you listen to the station and care about it. For that, I thank you, and wish all my correspondents a joyous holiday season.

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