Election Law Changes: One Stop Voting

Feb 24, 2014

Voters heading to the polls to vote in the May primary are going to encounter some new procedures.  For example, the ability to register and vote on the same day has been eliminated. 

We continue our series on Election Law changes with this look at One Stop or Early Voting.


One of the changes North Carolina legislators approved last year:  the number of days allowed for One Stop – also known as absentee voting or Early Voting. 

Marvin McFadyen, Elections Director for New Hanover County, says One Stop voting used to start the third Thursday before the election, which meant county election boards could allow up to 17 days of Early Voting.  Now it starts on the second Thursday before the primary. 


Marvin McFadyen:  "So the maximum number of days now would be ten."

RLH:  "Will it still be the case with One Stop voting that I can register and vote on the same day?"

Marvin McFadyen:  "No."

But, says McFadyen, so many of the changes to the Election Law won’t impact people who focus on one thing:

Marvin McFadyen:  "If you are current with your voter registration – that is one of the most important things a voter can do at this point in time…  But for quite some time, I believe it’s been since 2007, a voter could show up at One Stop location, register and vote the same day.  

"So we still do have the One Stop voting.  The number of days has been reduced, but the amount of hours remains the same as years past.  The one component now missing is the same-day registration requirements."

The deadline for voter registration this year is April 11th.  The primary takes place May 6th.