Election 2017: The Mayor Of Leland

Oct 11, 2017

The Town of Leland turned 28 years old in September. The current population, according to estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau, is just under 19,000 people. That’s growth of about 37% in just the last six years. So the challenge facing the leaders of Leland is dealing with this rapid growth. The Mayor serves a two-year term, and there are two candidates hoping to be the next one – the incumbent, Brenda Bozeman, and a challenger, Lee Kent. 

Lee Kent is a small business owner in Leland. He operates five Vapor Shacks in the area, and a ladies' clothing boutique called Kent and Co. He recently opened a hot dog restaurant in Leland called Brodee Dogs.

Kent believes the current growth of Leland is unbalanced.

“I know things are going to grow. And I want to be a fresh set of eyes for that growth, and help guide that in a direction that could be a little more balanced in my opinion, without raising the taxes.”

Incumbent Brenda Bozeman was first elected mayor in 2011, after serving on the Town Council since 2003.

For Bozeman the future of Leland is all about planning and community input… residents expressing what they want.

“They like the small-town feel of the small stores, and that’s one reason we started Village Road with the flex-code zoning so that the small businesses could get a good start and have us a true downtown.”

Election Day is November 7.