Connecting Veterans and Civilians through Story

Jun 6, 2015

Author Lawrence (Larry) Winters is a Vietnam Veteran and an author of two books:  The Making & Unmaking of a Marine: One Man's Struggle for ForgivenessBrother Keeper.  Dina Greenberg is a writer and facilitator of narrative workshops.  These two are teaming up this weekend at the Cameron Art Museum for a workshop called "The Stories We Carry," an opportunity for Veterans and Civilians to connect through stories and writing.

In our conversation, Larry talks about the importance of civilians and veterans to deepen their understanding of the different wartime experiences they both have-something he feels is lacking when veterans return to civilian life. 

"Story carries more emotion than the expression of non-fiction's facts & figures or a news broadcast. Story touches soul-if crafted well." Larry Winters

The writing workshop is at the Cameron Art Museum on Saturday 10:00-Noon and Sunday Noon-4:00, June 6 & 7.  You can find out more about Larry's work and writing at his website