Communique: "The Rosannah Sisters" Headed To Nashville To Record New EP; Listen To 2 New Songs

Aug 29, 2016

Sisters Rebecca and Roxanna Goudarzi are musicians from Wilmington, now working in Charlotte, NC and Los Angeles. They perform together as The Rosannah Sisters. These young women have been singing together since they were young children (they are about 15 months apart in age) and they both play piano and guitar. Rebecca and Roxanna were in Wilmington this past weekend before heading to Nashville to record a new EP with Randall Kent. They told us about their musical background and new music; listen above.

You can listen to two of The Rosannah Sister's new songs here-Beware and Before You Go. These pieces were recorded in our studio with our basic recording equipment, but this might be the only place you can hear it before the EP comes out. Listen to other music by the band here, here, and here and stay tuned for the release of new videos and the new album.

Rebecca & Roxanna in the studio

Listen to Roxanna and Rebecca explain where their performing name, The Rosannah Sisters, came from here: