Communique: Full Belly Project | Peanuts In Zambia & Foot-Pedaled Water Pumps

May 9, 2017

The mission of the Full Belly Project is to design and distribute devices that generate income and improve live in rural communities. Right now, the group has a project in Chipata, Zambia, helping farmers improve the food supply and make money through peanuts. The goal is to create 105 Universal Nut Shellers and teach farmers best practices with the crops. 

Wilmingtonian Randy Shackelford has been in Zambia for 4 months leading this endeavor. Full Belly has launched an online fundraiser to complete the work. 

The Zambia Project fundraiser ends on May 15, and donations of 3", 4", and 6" PVC pipe for foot-powered water pumps is ongoing.

At the same time, another project is underway creating foot-pedaled water pumps. For this, Full Belly is asking for community donations of 3", 4", and 6" PVC pipe.

Listen to founder and nut sheller inventor Jock Brandis talk about the work above. 

Universal Nut Shellers in Chipata, Zambia. The goal is to create 105 of these nifty little human-powered machines for the farmers there.
Credit Full Belly Project