Communique: Art By Darren Mulvenna Focused On Environment

May 12, 2017

Wilmington artist Darren Mulvenna has a fundraising exhibition hanging at Caprice Bistro called Bee Hope and Sea Change. Mulvenna is donating 20% of the proceeds to 2 non-profit environmental organizations: Pollinator Partnership and Plastic Ocean Project. His interest in the natural world, particularly flying insects, goes back to his childhood. Mulvenna's current art frequently incorporates butterflies-he has a particular fondness for pollinators. His first piece with butterflies is hanging at Pembroke's Restaurant (image at top). While Mulvenna is more of an artist than a jeweler, he is also creating realistic light-weight butterfly earrings called mimicri as an additional benefit to Pollinator Partnership. These earrings are made from recycled material and are as light as...a butterfly. 

Art by Darren Mulvenna
Credit Darren Mulvenna
Darren Mulvenna's "mimicri" butterly earrings. There are a variety of butterfly species.
Credit Darren Mulvenna

Darren Mulvenna also creates large land and water scapes.

A Light in the Darkness by Darren Mulvenna
Credit Darren Mulvenna


Last Look at Lusia's Lagoon by Darren Mulvenna.
Credit Darren Mulvenna
Artist/Environmentalist Darren Mulvenna
Credit WHQR/gg