CoastLine: Philosopher Tom Morris on Ethics in Business, Politics, and Life

Aug 17, 2016

Tom Morris has written more than 20 books – most of which distill ancient wisdom from the Greek and Roman philosophers into practical ideas for living in the modern world.  Some of the titles you might recognize:  If Aristotle Ran General Motors, Philosophy for Dummies, The Stoic Art of Living:  Inner Resilience and Outer Results, The Art of Achievement, and If Harry Potter Ran General Electric.  He recently ventured into the world of fiction with his first novel, The Oasis Within:  A Journey of PreparationThat was quickly followed by the next book, The Golden Palace, in what is planned as an eight-book series.

Before he moved to Wilmington in the 1990s, he taught philosophy at Notre Dame. 

Today, he travels the country giving speeches and conducting seminars on how to internalize the principles that translate into profitable, character-driven companies and structures within which people can live well.