CoastLine: Jock Brandis, Full Belly Project Founder and Air Pirate

Jan 19, 2017

The man we meet on this edition of CoastLine is a bona fide Air Pirate -- convicted in absentia by the Nigerian government just after the civil war.  He was the first broadcast engineer on staff at WHQR.  He’s written a book of fiction called The Ship’s Cat.  And he acted in the notoriously – um – horrific film Death Bed:  The Bed that Eats.  He also helped to design the bed that eats. 


Jock Brandis is an inventor, designer, actor, humanitarian, and the founder of The Full Belly Project, a nonprofit in Wilmington whose mission is to design and distribute income-generating devices that improve life in rural communities.

The Full Belly Project is hosting its 15th annual Full Belly Feast:  

The fundraiser is Saturday, February 25th from 6-9 PM at the Coastline Convention Center on Nutt Street in downtown Wilmington.