Coastline: Alligators in North Carolina

Aug 24, 2016

Alligators call North Carolina home – but it’s a cold home for them – and until recently the state was considered the northernmost part of their habitat in the United States. We find out on this edition of CoastLine whether that’s still the case. And we explore the implications of human encroachment on alligator habitat – how it’s affecting this species and whether it’s posing an increased risk of danger for humans, particularly in light of the June alligator attack at a Disney resort in Florida that killed a two-year-old boy.

Earlier this year, the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission rejected a proposal to create an alligator hunting season. While that’s not off the table forever, we find out today why it failed and what a newly-formed Alligator Task Force is expected to accomplish.


  • Allan Boynton is a Wildlife Diversity Program Coordinator with the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission.  He is also the Chair of Alligator Task Force.
  • Kirk Mantay is a habitat ecologist specializing in coastal wetlands.

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