Election 2018 Coverage

Election 2018 Coverage

CoastLine: NC Senate District 8

2018 Primary Results 

CoastLine:  Political Reporter Round Table On Tuesday's Primary Results

Primary 2018: Leslie Cohen Wins Close Race Over Gary Shipman 

Primary 2018:  Frank Iler Beats Challenger Pat Sykes For NC House 17 Republican Nomination

Primary 2018: Ted Davis Easily Beats Challenger For Republican Spot In NC House District 19

Primary 2018: NHC Board Of Ed Chair Ed Higgins Loses Primary Bid

Primary 2018:  NC Senator Bill Rabon Faces Democrat and Libertarian In November

Primary 2018: Brunswick County Picks Rep. Jerry Benton For November School Board Battle

Primary 2018: Pender County Results Show Cutler Wins Sheriff Nod

Primary 2018: Zapple and Olson-Boseman Take Commissioner Race For NHC

Primary 2018: Kyle Horton Takes U.S. House Race 

Election 2018 Primary Candidate Profiles

New Hanover County Board of Education
Don Hayes & Frank Meares
Ed Higgins & Bruce Shell
Bill Rivenbark
anice Cavenaugh & Chris Morgan

New Hanover County Board of Commissioners

Rob Zapple

Julia Olson-Boseman

James Middleton 

N.C. House - District 20 
Leslie Cohen

John Bauer

Gary Shipman

N.C. House - District 19

Hunter Ford

Ted Davis, Jr. 

N.C. House - District 17  

Patricia Sykes 

Frank Iler 

U.S. House of Representatives - District 7  

Dr. Kyle Horton

Brunswick County Board of Education District 5

John Thompson & Robert Cruse

Jerry Benton 

Pender County Board of Education District 4

June Robbins & Reginald Moore 


New Hanover County 

Pender County 

Brunswick County